Explanation of Popular Golf Terms

There are many golf terms that are used in almost every game, but it is often impossible for those new to golf or just do not understand golf terminology to understand. Some of the most popular terms are listed below to ensure that no one knows exactly what is says when you're off the green. Of course, this list is not absolute, but this list will help you get started successfully.

Back Nine - This is the last game of 9 holes found on the golf course. This is determined by the course has played a. For example, if you start playing in a hole, the back nine opens at 10.18. However, if you start playing the hole 10 which actually refer to holes 1-9.

Birdie - This is when a score of a hole, in particular, is one stroke under par, as the special hole play. This means that if you play the hole is a par score are from -3 to 2, if the hole is a par -5 should be a score of 4.

Bogey - This is a score that is somewhere over par. For example, if you're playing a par -3 hole then a score of 4 would be a bogey. To go beyond anything that was a couple -5 need a score of 6 for a bogey. This is just an example and not limited only to certain peers.

Bunker - This is what is created as a depression in the soil that is usually filled with sand, which provides a green danger to be avoided. Although the bunker is usually presented in the green, you might also along the streets or even across the street.

Green - This is what the end of a hole is called when the flag is. This is usually where you putt the rest of the forum. The shape can vary, but most are either rectangular or oval.

Handicap - This is an indication of the level of overall game that a player has. And "in general, compiled on the basis of several recent results that have been played and the course evaluation and assessment of sedimentation that accompany the courses that have been made. Normally, a person who has a typical average of 10 over the pair will have a slightly better handicap. On the downside, someone with a 2 is better than a person with a handicap of 3 or higher.

Hole - This is the exact area of residence of the flagpole to mark the exact position of the hole on the green. Also often referred to as a hole in a specific course - for example, a golf course generally has 18 holes.

On the pair - This is the term used to describe any score that is above par for the course or even the individual hole. An example would be a score that was 5 to a hole that was on par -4. This would lead to the couple. However, although this can only refer to a specific hole can also search the entire hole course as well.

Par - This is considered the expected number of rounds that is needed to sink the ball effectively. To determine the "couple" must have at least 2 for the putt, then click add to the length of the green. Very long green require higher values. A long green for a par 5, for example, while a green permit only a short par 3. The number of participants is usually added to both the individual and for all golf holes as well. This allows players to see exactly what they want in remote testing even before you start playing.

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