Homeschooling hours

How many, how often and when? Here are some repeated
questions when it comes to home-school hours. Flexibility is
Of course one of the key principles that lie behind homeschooling.
This flexibility applies not only the curriculum but also
the number of hours. It is natural that parents, especially
if just starting out in homeschooling should feel that
their children should be in their books all the time when regular
school attendees are at school. This is not only a fallacy, but it can
also be detrimental and counterproductive.

One of the most overlooked but obvious disadvantages of public opinion
school system is the loss of time and energy
causes. Many periods are simply consumed and child
effectively derives only 1-3 hours of daily study. Then, there
are days when the studies are too heavy and other days when
is only games and not work at all. There are a lot of "invisible
waste "at stake here.

Early in his practice of home education, the work schedule. Is
reference should be made at the same time every day. A routine makes
it is easier to learn and gives structure to the learning experience.
It also tells students that parents are strict about their
learning. A routine also allows your child to free his mind
other activities and concentrate on studies. He knows that a
particular time is strictly reserved for learning.

The actual number of hours you need depends on the curriculum
you have chosen and the learning style that suits your child. If
this is a topic that seems to be more complex,
may have to sit with the child for a longer period. Using a series of
techniques may be necessary to demonstrate what they are trying
to teach. For example, a lesson in Algebra may take more time
an English lesson.

Homeschooling does not refer to the practice of sitting in front
books and printed learning. Field trips,
watching documentaries, visiting factories and libraries also make
of an important segment of the education process at home. It makes sense
intersperse these activities so that learning becomes fun.
If you wish, to end within hours of learning textbooks
in the morning and spend the afternoon in this type

Given the fact that many public school hours are lost
meaningless activities ranging from talking to extra-curricular
activities, do not allow public schools to dictate the time when
you should spend teaching your child at home. Remember that
home, getting a high quality one at a time that is highly
productive. About 1-3 hours of study is enough in the primaries
level. Of course it is true that the greatest number of hours they put
more learning takes place. This is also why
homeschooling children are much smarter and more balanced
regular school going children.

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