Lack of education of your child

Lack of education is more fluid style of homeschooling. No
curriculum and no limits. Many parents feel a little
fear that freedom. But, even unschooling has certain
guidelines that make it a great method of homeschooling

First, allow your child to express their interests. Let the selected
subject. If you want to learn about flowers, tell her about the
various flowers, their functions, parts of the flower, rare flowers
etc, but do not go overboard. Allow her the freedom to stop when
she has had enough. This learning process can take a month or a
day. It is until the child decide how much to learn.

Expand your child's areas of interest with videos, books, magazines,
puzzles and games. Go to a museum or take her to a library.
At the same time expanding their own interests. The more you know, the
more than the child comes to learn.

Notice all opportunities for learning. When in the kitchen, say
vitamins in fruits and vegetables. What makes tomatoes red, and
Why are leafy vegetables good? If you do not know the answers,
concern. Look up. Finally, do not worry if things seem slow. This
is just the way children learn. Give them time and much encouragement.

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