The remedy is acupuncture for you?

With the growing acceptance of alternative medicine in Western cultures, acupuncture is becoming especially popular. More and more people today are choosing acupuncture in Western medicine to treat body aches, relieve stress, or to promote overall health. If you are thinking about trying acupuncture but are wondering if it is safe if the right treatment for you, the following information can help you make a more informed decision.

Description and origin

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin needles into specific body points for therapeutic purposes. In theory, these specific points called "acupuncture points" are located along pathways of the body along which vital energy said to flow. The needles are used to promote the free flow of energy in areas of the body that the circulation may have stagnated. Although acupuncture is practiced in many Asian cultures like Japan, Tibet, Korea and the practice is commonly known that originated in China.

Acupuncture in the Western world

One of the most debated issues between East and West is the use of acupuncture as a means western medical treatment. Although this form of medicine has been used as an effective method for more than five thousand years in China, there is no concrete evidence of scientific research studies have proven the healing properties of acupuncture.

Skeptics ignore the positive effects of acupuncture as a placebo effect only. Believers in acupuncture, however, say that the benefits had been cut has not been proven. Believers promote the treatment is safe and can be used as a complement to Western medicine.

Unfortunately, standards of acupuncture have not been fully approved by the cause of many unregulated practices that still exist, such as the reuse of needles of the FDA. Furthermore, acupuncture certification today is mostly a sham, used to make money on desperate patients who have not benefited from western medical treatments. The National Council Against Health Fraud has even declared acupuncture as an unproven means of treatment whose concepts of healing are primitive and false.

An attempt should be

One of the things that Western science can agree on is that there are no proven harmful effects of acupuncture. Many doctors agree that the time a drug is not harmful to health, there is no reason not to use it if there are significant benefits. Most scientists said that is simply due to the lack of research that the therapeutic properties of acupuncture have not been tested.

Although many forms Chinese medication remain debated concepts in Western society, there is growing interest in these medications and perhaps as the acceptance of the practice grows, so will the discoveries about its medicinal properties.

More information about acupuncture

You can find more information about acupuncture acupuncture center near you. You can locate nearby centers or practitioners by searching online. An appointment may be necessary as acupuncture centers are usually busy with long waiting lists.

So if western medicine does not work for you and that you are looking for an alternative, give some thought acupuncture. More and more people are discovering the therapeutic benefits of this ancient medicine. Acupuncture is safe and harmless, and therefore have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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