Senior Golf Injuries are common

senior golf has advantages and disadvantages. The most common disadvantage is the type of injury. People over fifty have more of a chance of injury to a player who is younger. To understand and treat your injury is important. Injury prevention is even more important. Sometimes no matter how careful you may get injured. The most common injury is tendonitis of the wrist and a fracture of the hamate. Back and ankle injuries are also seen with senior golfers. Prevention is the key to a successful golf season.

Sometimes the prevention of hamate fracture condition is not easy. The symptoms of a hamate fracture are pain around the wrist area and palm. May also lack sensitivity in the fingers, especially the little finger. For the most part, an X-ray revealed no fracture, but the MRI shows the hamate fracture. As you know already, the MRI is very expensive. Early detection is crucial for a high level player. If left untreated, it will hinder their performance on the course and cause more pain you can tolerate.

If you think you have a broken hamate, you should consult a physician for treatment. The treatment is a simple process that will remove the hook and the doll is able to get the blood flow again. The surgery is more effective than just simple immobilization of the wrist. It could take weeks to recover and when the player will have to refrain from golf.

You can prevent a wrist problem by changing the form of support and hold your club. A different club design and style can also prevent the problem of the wrist. If you have a tight grip on the golf club, they are more prone to a broken hamate. Adjust your grip will help prevent a hamate fracture and prevent tendinitis too. High-level golf also affect your body in general. Being fit helps prevent injuries and allow you to keep up with the game.

Some players in senior golf experience back pain. This is common if you put your whole body in the swing. Some players wear a back brace to keep the back straight to complete the swing. They keys are more comfortable than older style keys which are bulky and rigid. Another complaint is ankle injuries. While moving, not just turn back, but the ankle. This can cause a sprain, which hurt more than if you broke your ankle and it may take longer to heal.

senior professional golf are so prone to injury than experienced players. If you keep your body limber, take precautions with your grip, swing and follow through, you can prevent injuries. Use the right equipment as well. You can enjoy playing senior golf up to any age as long as you adjust your game as you get older. Preventing wrist back and ankle injuries are important in order to continue playing the game.

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