The Top 5 Senior Golf Champion Tour Winners over twenty wins

senior golf professionals have made a name for themselves. The top five leaders in wins first place include Hale Irwin, Lee Trevino, Gil Morgan, Bob Miller and Charles Barber. All but one, Miller Barber continues to play in 2007. Keeping fit and in shape to keep up with play on the senior golf circuit level.

Hale Irwin won the Tour de forty-five times. Hale turned pro in 1968 followed by an incredible career in the circle of senior golf ranks it higher than any other senior professional. In his career as a professional golfer, Hale not only ranks first in wins, but has had forty-three wins second and twenty-two third place wins too. At September 28, 2007, Hale has played two hundred and ninety to eighteen events this year so far.

Lee Trevino won the twenty-nine times Tour champion. She turned professional in 1960, Trevino has played in three hundred and eighty events like the September 28, 2007, and has a record second place with twenty-six wins and third with fifteen wins. So far this year Lee has played just five events.

Gil Morgan won the Tour de twenty-five times. Morgan turned pro in 1972, leading to its position in third place in wins. Gil won second and twenty-four twenty-seven times, came in third. These statistics are calculated up to September 28, 2007. Morgan has played two hundred seventy-nine-twenty-three events this year.

Miller Barber won the twenty-four times Tour champion. After turning pro, Miller has played in six hundred three events that have sixteen times second and twenty-one times for third place. At September 28, 2007, Miller stills holds the fourth place position in total victories.

Bob Charles won the champion of the Tour of twenty times. After turning pro in 1960, Charles was to not only maintain fifth win first place, has twenty-nine wins and twenty-second to win the third place. Your overall performance includes four hundred eighty-six events played as of September 28, 2007 with six being played this year.

Despite these advantages senior golf circuit continues to play, they are in possession of different classifications for monetary awards. Carlos ranked eighteenth in the prize money championship while Lee is in XII. Continue to play and warm up the Champions Tour wherever they go including the PGA Tour.

These five professional senior golf take golf to a new level and help encourage other seniors to continue golf, even if they are to professionals. Senior golf is a good way to keep fit and advantages which definitely shows that as they continue to play some more challenging golf courses around the country. Some of the courses we play are harder than others and the skill level changes from course to course. They still play and happy crowds that travel great distances to see your talent with other professionals in senior golf.

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