Senior Golf-The Senior Open History

The first Senior Golf Open was played in New York in June 1980 at Winged Foot Golf Club on the East Course. It was established in the interest of senior golfers who wanted to compete in amateur and professional level. The first Senior Open there were six hundred thirty-one entries. At this point, the top golfer had to be at least fifty-five years of age on the day of the tournament. Some of the former champions competed in the first Senior Golf Open such as William Campbell, Tommy Bolt, Jack Fleck, Ed Furgol and Lew Worsham.

The winner of the first Senior Golf Open was Roberto De Vicenzo while William Campbell was in second place. The age limit was reduced to fifty-one year later to allow more participants in the tournament. Arnold Palmer went on to win the second Senior Open at the age of fifty-one in Michigan. Miller Barber won the Senior Open in 1982, which was one of his three wins for a Senior Open. The other two wins were for 1984 and 1985. Since 2002, there was a little over three thousand entries for the Senior Golf Open.

In 2006, Allen Doyle became the oldest winner in Senior Open again the age of fifty-seven years, eleven months, seventeen days. The oldest winner before De Vicenzo at the age of fifty-seven years, two months and fifteen days. Don Pooley won his way into the Senior Golf Open qualifying and went on to win the tournament in 2002.

Today, only see a three-or four-hole playoff, if necessary in the past used to be four playoffs of eighteen holes. It has only been a couple of times in the history of the Senior Open playoff that happen, once in 1981, 1983, 1988 and 1991 and the winners are Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Gary Player and Jack Nicholas respectfully.

In 2007, the Senior Open was played at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin, where senior golf player Brad Bryant won the Championship. There were gains of four hundred and seventy thousand U.S. dollars to take home with him. He agreed with their income with their caddies Tony Smith. The golf course designed by Pete Dye designed to attract PGA tournaments in the future. Proved to be a complicated course that is considered a terrain that does not have golf cart abilities.

If you want a chance to see the U.S. Senior Open, when it comes to your city, you can buy tickets in advance, hang out with your favorite players and see how they fair in the tournament. Some of the courses they play are set according to the guidelines established for visitors. This is just another way to see how the pros do and how they apply different stances and what clubs they use to get distance and win the game. Always a spectacular event for any golf course in the city and when the Senior Open comes to town.

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